The Beauty of Muscle

True: any effective weight loss regime requires more attention to diet than exercise. However, as we hit our 40’s and beyond, working out, becomes crucial if you want to keep your skin tone as firm and taut as possible.

However slim you may become through diet, there are a range of common complaints affectionately referred to as bingo wings, muffin tops and thunder thighs, to name but a few, that can only be dispatched through quite intensive cardio, but more importantly heavy weights. Think of your muscle as a kind of “collagen” underneath your skin and you start to get the importance of ensuring you have good muscle mass.

And lets deal with that common misconception that puts so many women off heavy weight training. That we are going to pile on muscle and start to resemble a mini Stallone. The fairer sex has neither the hormones nor the physical make up to acquire lots of muscle bulk, without a really concerted effort.

So, whilst lots of cardio is great for fitness, health and a strong heart, start considering those kettlebells, pump classes and resistance machines , so you can flaunt your summer toned arms and legs.

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