Wellbeing Program Design: for your employees​

Ziesa will work with you to put together a program, workshop or conference suited to your times, location and preferences and provide the resources, speakers, experts and practitioners you will need to run outstanding wellness programs and events. 

The importance of engagement

Research and case studies suggest that if a well-being programme does not address the key concerns of its intended clients, it will actually cause more harm to morale, engagement and well being than having no program at all.

Ziesa can help you to avoid these pitfalls and design your program with you.

Raise awareness

For organisations who have either not yet launched a well-being programme or want to highlight specific areas of their peoples well-being.

We have experts in every field providing the ability to cover the topics important to your people. Our experts can run 1-8 hour presentations, workshops or consultations either at company-wide conferences or bespoke events.

Highlight your intention to build on your well-being program. These programs can allow you to gauge reaction and response and seek views on what people want. And they help you to engage key influencers in the business who will become your role models and early adopters.

Topics include:

  • Mental health – awareness and understanding
  • Mental health techniques
  • Recognising, preventing and dealing with stress, anxiety and depression
  • Reducing stress in the workplace
  • Mindfulness and relaxation techniques
  • The impact of lifestyle on your quality of life – fitness, nutrition, hydration, alcohol and sleep.
  • The ageing process and knowing your numbers
  • The practise and benefits of Yoga, stretch, and good posture
  • Learning to dance – learning to smile : the power of fun
  • Understanding sleep and how to get enough
  • Creating more time – prioritisation skills, effective delegation, good time management, empowering your people.
  • Technology – working for you not against you.
  • The menopause – understanding and management
  • Supplements, techniques and approaches for managing stress, heart health and poor sleep.
  • The science behind why achieving goals is so hard – making things happen.
  • Preventing, managing and resolving musculoskeletal pain and injury.
  • Sports massage, relaxation massage, physiotherapy, beauty.
  • Improving your fitness – body and mind
  • Good nutrition for energy, weight management, and conditions like diabetes, food intolerances and cholesterol.
  • Building physical and mental resilience

Reward, recognition and ‘feel good’

These are easy to organise and really well-received initiatives which put the feel-good back into the workplace and the people who work in it. Whether you want to take your workforce out on a team building event, bring in classes, massages or beauty treatments, or change your policies to create a more productive working environment – these can all be done.

    • Well-being weeks
    • HR initiatives
    • Conference speakers
    • Exhibitions
    • In house services – classes, beauty, treatments
    • Team building events
    • Residential well-being courses
    • Lunchtime health stations
hr initiatives

Extended programs

To underpin our wellness programs and packages we offer flexible platforms running for a number of weeks, usually 10 or 20, to encourage and support employees to manage a lifestyle change.  

Our process

Following initial discussions or meetings to establish details about what outcomes you are looking for, your budget and your employees, we will put together a planned proposal for approval.

Our typical approach includes:

Designing a programme or approach

We will help you design and implement the well-being programme that will work most successfully for you, your people and your budget.

Our process

Following initial discussions or meetings to establish details about what outcomes you are looking for, your budget and your employees, we will put together a planned proposal for approval.

Our typical approach includes:

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Using Flexible Platforms


Analysis of people statistics and feedback


Effective consultation across each required tier of the business


Analysis of findings


Design of the program, implementation and it's roll-out




Maintenance and feedback

Face to Face

On location

Normally we will start any process understanding your workplace, your facilities, the working patterns of your people and whether you want us to work in house, or off site. 

Do you have an in-house gym, or boardroom facilities  or simply office space? We can then work with you to find and agree the main priorities for your programme and for your workplace, often consulting with your managers and staff to understand what they feel is important to them across the many subjects and topics that mental and physical wellbeing covers. We then have a full range of experts in every field, qualified to help understand, engage, inform and coach your people in whatever forum works best for you. 

The face to face element of any programme creates that initial contact and buy in, intention and commitment. 

Face to face sessions can happen regularly or at key points during a longer programme. Take a look at some of wide variety of events that we have already implemented in our case studies.

Ziesa online


Ziesa online is our unique well-being platform that can be tailored to your business and needs. 

It is completely flexible, it can be used for any sized workforce, any sized budget, any topic or focus, and in any country and can be available at any time of the day or night. 

If you want ziesa to provide information, online support and advice around mental health – it can be done. If you want ziesa to form part of a blended learning platform to improve the skills of your managers to lead their people more effectively – it can be done.  

The platform works well as a  ‘go to’, simply available when your people may need it, or as a prompt for people making changes in their lives to continue their journey. 

Our online PT facility on Ziesa is one of the highest rated and most valued aspects of our blended programmes, as delegates enjoy the experience of having the same individual they can talk to online for support, advice and information.