Pasquill Gym

In October Ziesa supported Pasquill on their annual EHS day with the opening of their new on-site gym in Chorley. Health and fitness tests were conducted throughout the day, as well as running several demo PT sessions in their new gym to demonstrate what they could do with the equipment safely and effectively. Finally, a presentation on the benefits of good health and fitness were highlighted in two groups using our popular ‘making the best of you’ journey through managing the ageing process, good fitness, food, hydration and sleep. This presentation has now been rolled out across 15 company conference days as an introduction to their wellbeing and ‘people first’ agendas for the coming year.

Pasquill has invested in kitting out an unused office on their site in Chorley with a new gym to encourage employees to keep fit.

Ross Baxter, Managing Director of Timber Group, and Cathy Mansell, owner at Ziesa officially opened the doors to “The Gym @ Pasquill” in Chorley.

Jon Walsh, Designer at Chorley, commented; “The team needed a place to go to keep fit during their lunch breaks when the weather was unpleasant and as most are parents; family life proves quite difficult in the week to get to the gym and this is where the idea for a gym came about.”

Cathy Mansell commented, “ The gym is the perfect space for Pasquill people to build both CV fitness and strength, or simply to complement the routines they follow outside work. We’ve given them some more challenging workouts to make the most of the equipment and the time available – and we definitely had some wobbly and aching legs on the day, to some employees surprise ! From all of our work with businesses across the UK, we know that a good level of fitness improves mood, movement and energy both in work and at home. The benefits are immeasurable. By making fitness even more accessible on site, Pasquill have taken yet another step towards improving the well being of their people.”

Feedback after the event

“I spoke to lots of staff who did attend and the feedback is great, a real eye-opener and hopefully the kick start that some of us need. Also had a chance to look at some of the photos (looks like Lokesh didn’t waste any opportunity to take a photo) which looks like everyone had fun.”
Philip Pointon
EHS & Quality Manager
Saint-Gobain Building Distribution, UK and Ireland

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