I have been a Registered Medical Herbalist for 13 years helping people to restore balance to their lives and address their own specific health concerns. I work with all ages and with many different health conditions, using bespoke herbal medicines, diet and lifestyle to improve well-being. The highlight of my job is seeing the benefit of simple ‘habit tweaks’ along with herbal and nutritional support on quality of life.

Covid-19 has brought change upon many of us and change is so often accompanied with stress, anxiety- and affected sleep which only serves to compound the problem.  In having to entirely change my way of working to be largely remote, I too have reached for my sleep herbs and altered my habits to help me fall sleep more quickly, or to calm that 3 am mind-buzz. A good night’s sleep is not only important for mental well being but also has further-reaching effects on your cardiovascular system, blood sugar regulation and your immune system! So tune in to find out how you can help prepare yourself for a better night’s sleep.