corporate wellness one to one

Flexible platforms

Flexible platforms Time, location and preference.  Face to Face& Online Face to face Normally we will start any process understanding your workplace, your facilities, the working patterns of your people and whether you want us to work in house, or off site.  Do you have an in-house gym, or boardroom

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business wellness reward recognition and feel good

Reward, recognition and ‘feel good’

Reward, recognition and ‘feel good’ These are easy to organise and really well-received initiatives which put the feel-good back into the workplace and the people who work in it. Whether you want to take your workforce out on a team building event, bring in classes, massages or beauty treatments, or

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business wellness design a program or approach

Design a programme or approach

Design a programme or approach We will help you design and implement the well-being programme that will work most successfully for you, your people and your budget AnalysisConsultationDesignImplementationLaunchMaintenance and Feedback Much research and many case studies have proven that if a well-being programme does not address the key concerns of

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business wellness raise awareness

Raise awareness

Raise Awareness For organisations who have either not yet launched a well-being programme or want to highlight specific areas of their peoples well-being  SupportingWellnessWellbeing& FitnessEvents We have experts in every field Providing the ability to cover the topics important to your people Our experts can run 1-8 hour presentations, workshops

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