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Menopause: The What, the Why and the How to Thrive

This is a talk for men and women alike- even if you’re personally not going to go through the menopause, the women around you are!

The menopausal transition is a process which often spans several years and whilst it is a natural phenomenon it doesn’t mean that it can’t be really tricky to navigate. Tune in for an overview of what happens to hormones around the peri-menopause & menopause plus all important advice on lifestyle factors, HRT, supplements and herbal remedies as well as tips on how to support colleagues or loved ones as their bodies adapt to the ‘new normal’ of life during and after the menopause.

Supplements you can feel good about spending your money on

With so many supplement options to choose from, it’s becoming harder to be a discerning consumer. Are those expensive orange horse pills recommended by a friend of a friend actually life-changing? Do you really need to take 7 different supplements in the morning? With clever marketing, product labels may lure you into buying them with big promises, but where is your money best spent?

We will look at the reasons for supplementation, whether it is really necessary and some top picks of useful supplements to help with common issues such as anxiety, mood, sleep, joint pain, energy, cardiovascular health, hormone balance and blood sugar regulation.