Physical Wellbeing

Live keynote presentations with a managed Q&A towards the end of each session

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Weight – the tyre that just won’t shift

I hear you – shifting weight that sits around our middle is hard. Many people complain about this ‘tyre’ and it is not just its effect on our physical health but our self esteem too. Tips and tricks to help shift that weight can be found here!

The sugar slump: How and why and what to do about it

Feel like you just want to sleep after your lunch? Waking up in the middle of the night – no idea why? Likelihood is you have poorly controlled blood sugar levels. There are lots of ways to improve your energy levels through your diet. Easy to ‘digest’ practical tips provided.

The best food choices to enhance your workout

Do you need to have more protein? Do you need to take different vitamins? Find out what good nutrition looks like when you are exercising and how to time your food intake to maximise your strength and activity gains.

Cardiovascular health and wellbeing

A session highlighting the impact of poor lifestyle choices on cardiovascular health. What happens to our internal workings when we make those choices, what happens when we make better choices and what biological changes occur?

Working from home successfully

Studies are showing that whilst people prefer working flexibly, they feel their sleep, stress levels and fitness are adversely affected. Find out why this occurs and how to protect your mental and physical wellbeing by managing your day, your tech, food, breaks and environment.

Making the best of you

The ‘what’ and ‘why’ of health and fitness numbers and the impact of exercise, weight, nutrition and sleep on physical and mental wellbeing and resilience.

The impact of ageing on the body and mind and how to use sleep, nutrition and exercise to halt it

Why and how our body and brain age. This session will explain what changes we can make now to influence our own ageing process and make the most of our future life.

Pelvic Floor Health

Pelvic floor dysfunction can be anything from stress leakage and increased urgency to full incontinence, to pain during intimate examinations or sex. Often pelvic floor dysfunction happens after childbirth and around menopause, but it can happen at any time of life. Understand how the pelvic floor works, what your symptoms mean, when to get professional help and learn simple exercises to improve the function. In addition, this session is ideal for anyone who wants to prevent pelvic floor dysfunction in the future.

Back Care

Our backs take a lot of stress and strain. Looking at the basic anatomy of the spine and back muscles, in this session learn how to both stretch and strengthen your back to reduce pain and prevent injuries.

Winter Warmer – Breathe and Stretch

As the colder months creep in this gentle practice will help keep muscles warm and flexible. The session will include, morning stretch routines to get you moving, easy stretches to do anytime of day, and an evening stretch routine for better sleep. In addition learn ancient breathing techniques to bring heat into the body.