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Navigating the Menopause Journey – Empowering Women in the Workplace

Tailored for women experiencing menopause and those interested, this session delves into the scientific intricacies of menopause, exploring its profound impact on the body through hormonal changes and associated symptoms. The talk unravels how dietary and lifestyle choices can influence menopause and offers evidence-based, natural solutions for symptom management. Participants will gain practical insights on implementing these solutions both at work and at home, fostering well-being during this life stage.

Menopause Unveiled – Embracing Change Together

Designed to heighten menopause awareness across all employees, this session aims to create a supportive and empathetic workplace environment. The talk provides an overview of menopause, shedding light on hormonal changes and their implications at work and home. Along the way, common misconceptions and myths about menopause will be debunked. Nutritional and lifestyle strategies supporting the menopause transition will be explored, emphasizing a hormone-friendly diet and offering tips for stress reduction and improved sleep quality.

Understanding and Managing Weight Gain during Menopause

While weight gain is a prevalent menopausal symptom, maintaining a healthy weight during this phase is entirely achievable. This session delves into the science of menopause, elucidating the changes in the body and their connection to weight gain. Participants will grasp strategies for sustaining a healthy weight, including effective tactics for controlling blood sugar levels, managing stress, and enhancing sleep quality. Practical guidance on adopting the right eating habits, with a focus on creating a sustainable food plan for long-term weight loss, will also be provided.

Menopausal? No idea where to start? Let’s chat about diet!

Simple, but effective dietary changes can help prevent weight gain, improve mood and support hot flushes. As well as tackle that ever present brain fog. Stop googling and buying expensive supplements, and let’s chat strategies that are achievable and effective. Make eating well feel easy, not another chore.

Menopause: The What, the Why and the How to Thrive

This is a talk for men and women alike- even if you’re personally not going to go through the menopause, the women around you are!

The menopausal transition is a process which often spans several years and whilst it is a natural phenomenon it doesn’t mean that it can’t be really tricky to navigate. Tune in for an overview of what happens to hormones around the peri-menopause & menopause plus all important advice on lifestyle factors, HRT, supplements and herbal remedies as well as tips on how to support colleagues or loved ones as their bodies adapt to the ‘new normal’ of life during and after the menopause.


With an overview of the changes experienced during the different stages of menopause, understand how this reduction in hormones affects the mind and body. Find out how symptoms can be managed from a medical and holistic approach and learn techniques based on ancient Yoga practices to both manage symptoms and the long-term health conditions associated with the reduced hormones. This session is suitable for all – be you in a menopausal stage, preparing for menopause or wanting to support a partner of family member.

Pelvic Floor Health

Pelvic floor dysfunction can be anything from stress leakage and increased urgency to full incontinence, to pain during intimate examinations or sex. Often pelvic floor dysfunction happens after childbirth and around menopause, but it can happen at any time of life. Understand how the pelvic floor works, what your symptoms mean, when to get professional help and learn simple exercises to improve the function. In addition, this session is ideal for anyone who wants to prevent pelvic floor dysfunction in the future.