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‘Time to talk’

Effective communication is at the core of establishing strong relationships in both business and personal lives. The quality of our relationships is an important factor in helping us navigate the challenges we face and help us maintain a sense of well-being. In this Masterclass you will explore the key elements involved in building trust and how these can help you develop open and honest rapport with family, friends and colleagues. People who have attended this session previously have found the practical techniques shared in the session have had a profound impact on their ability to build empathy and trust in the relationships that matter most to them.

‘Self Talk’

Are you your own worst critic? Do you frequently tell yourself that you could have done more and that somebody else would have done it better? We all have an inner voice and what it tells us that can a huge impact on our sense of well-being. What is the story your inner voice tells you? Managing that story is key to improving resilience, focus and happiness. In this masterclass you will explore practical tools and techniques that will help you manage your inner critic and change that story that you tell yourself, which can impact outcomes in your business and personal life.

Understanding and Supporting Neurodiversity

This session covers the fundamentals of Neurodiversity and what is encompassed including language currently used, the addressing of stereotypes and how to create neuro-inclusive environments. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how neurodivergence can present differently, particularly when taking intersectionality into account.

Understanding and Supporting Autism

This session goes through the current fundamentals of Autism specifically. This includes updated terminology, differences in presentation (for example in males and females), triggers and responses – and how to create supportive environments for Autistic individuals.

Understanding and Supporting ADHD

This session goes through the current fundamentals of ADHD specifically. This includes specific terminology used, differences in presentation (for example in children and adults) and non-medication strategies to support individuals in managing their daily lives.

Men’s Mental Health – Understanding the Impact of Societal Stigma to ‘Man Up’

Everyone can experience mental health difficulties, yet research shows us that males consistently under report their emotional distress. This workshop seeks to understand how gender stereotypes and societal stigma have created barriers to the good communication and help seeking that can support our mental resilience and wellbeing.

Cardiovascular Health: Driving Down the risk Factors

Cardiovascular disease remains one of the biggest causes of death and disability in the UK . Many of processes that lead to it are driven by adverse lifestyle factors over time, which means that by altering our choices we have the potential to significantly reduce our risks. Tune in to find out what the risk factors are and how you can positively influence them through diet, lifestyle and supplementation.

Managing Change – why are some changes easy, and others so challenging?

This session will support you to appreciate the diversity of experiences within the change process and help you manage change at work and home more effectively for yourself and those you around you.

Handling Habits – why are bad habits hard to break and good habits hard to start?

This session will give you the opportunity to understand the mechanics of habitual behaviours and help you make small positive habit changes that could improve your wellbeing.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence – what is ‘emotional intelligence’ and why does it matter?

This session outlines the importance of emotional intelligence using a highly researched model. The information will make the link between improving relationships in the workplace and developing leadership skills.