New sessions for 2022/2023

Live keynote presentations with a managed Q&A towards the end of each session

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‘Time to talk’ day

The art of active listening to understand and effective open-up questioning techniques. How to self-test how well you really know the people around you, and how to look for and support people who may be isolating themselves from their own networks. On ‘time to talk’ day – this session will culminate in an action to reach out to your social, family or professional network.

Why do we procrastinate?

In this Masterclass we explore the causes of procrastination and discuss effective techniques to overcome the blockers that will enable us to take action now, not tomorrow!

Managing the conflict in our lives

What prevents us from having those difficult conversations at work, at home and with our friends? This session will explore the story we tell ourselves and how we can build the confidence to have those necessary but difficult conversations.

Do you constantly strive for perfection?

How often do you achieve perfection in all that you do? How does it make you feel when you fall short? What is the impact on those around you? In this Masterclass we discuss the implications of the drive for perfection and the impact it has on our wellbeing.

Maintaining your emotional resilience

We all face stress and pressures in our day to day lives. How do you deal with them? In this Masterclass we explore what negatively impacts our resilience and the techniques we can adopt to build our resilience and enable us to best meet these challenges.

Eating healthily for menopause

Dietary changes can really help weight management & symptom control during the perimenopausal years. This session will cover the importance of good blood sugar level control, calcium intake, phytoestrogens and gut health. You can feel better in just 7 days.

How to ‘eat your week’ on a budget

Often we know what we ‘should’ be eating, but find it hard to actually achieve this. The ever increasing price of food is just one of these barriers. This is a practical session on how to get the nutrition you need – without splashing the cash!

Gut bugs – what are they and how can they help us?

The gut microbiome is being mentioned more and more often, in newspapers and magazines and its importance to our health is vast. Learn more about pre and probiotic bacteria, what they are and how to get them.

Weight – the tyre that just won’t shift

I hear you – shifting weight that sits around our middle is hard. Many people complain about this ‘tyre’ and it is not just its effect on our physical health but our self esteem too. Tips and tricks to help shift that weight can be found here!

The sugar slump: How and why and what to do about it

Feel like you just want to sleep after your lunch? Waking up in the middle of the night – no idea why? Likelihood is you have poorly controlled blood sugar levels. There are lots of ways to improve your energy levels through your diet. Easy to ‘digest’ practical tips provided.