Fitness & wellbeing sessions to compliment our keynotes

Live keynote presentations with a managed Q&A towards the end of each session

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Meditation and Mindfulness to beat the winter blues

Find out why the change from summer to winter affects our mood and discover how simple mindfulness and meditation techniques can help.


With an overview of the changes experienced during the different stages of menopause, understand how this reduction in hormones affects the mind and body. Find out how symptoms can be managed from a medical and holistic approach and learn techniques based on ancient Yoga practices to both manage symptoms and the long-term health conditions associated with the reduced hormones. This session is suitable for all – be you in a menopausal stage, preparing for menopause or wanting to support a partner of family member.

Pelvic Floor Health

Pelvic floor dysfunction can be anything from stress leakage and increased urgency to full incontinence, to pain during intimate examinations or sex. Often pelvic floor dysfunction happens after childbirth and around menopause, but it can happen at any time of life. Understand how the pelvic floor works, what your symptoms mean, when to get professional help and learn simple exercises to improve the function. In addition, this session is ideal for anyone who wants to prevent pelvic floor dysfunction in the future.

Back Care

Our backs take a lot of stress and strain. Looking at the basic anatomy of the spine and back muscles, in this session learn how to both stretch and strengthen your back to reduce pain and prevent injuries.

Winter Warmer – Breathe and Stretch

As the colder months creep in this gentle practice will help keep muscles warm and flexible. The session will include, morning stretch routines to get you moving, easy stretches to do anytime of day, and an evening stretch routine for better sleep. In addition learn ancient breathing techniques to bring heat into the body.

Stretch and relax

This session will allow you to release any tension in the body with some easily accessible Yoga stretches, reduce stress and improve sleep with mindful breathing techniques, and enjoy a guided relaxation to bring a few moments of stillness to your day.
A slow, calm Yoga class with no prior experience required, focussing on breathing, stretching and relaxing the body as the week comes to an end.

Strength in age

Once we reach our 30’s we start to lose muscle and bone unless we introduce resistance work to our routine. This session will introduce you to a 10 minute fitness test program that you can do in your own home and with no equipment. 5 simple exercises will help you reduce the risk of weakening in your upper and lower body, core and cardiovascular system. You can even track your progress and improvements. The session will coach safe technique and adaptions for new starters, injuries and more experienced people.

Fun Fitness

An interactive dance class covering most dance choices you may have from Zumba to Latin American. Get your blood pumping, your muscles moving and your brain working!


Targeting core strength, flexibility and mobility. A one-hour session with a 30-minute beginners session, followed by a more advanced pilates routine.